Why I started this project

At 49, I’m not your traditional “adventurer”. I haven’t scaled the highest mountains or thru-hiked the longest trails. I am not a four time winner of any ultra race (some days I am lucky to make the cutoffs). I have never been featured in National Geographic for my expeditions. I have experienced panic attacks on my runs. I crash a lot on my skis. I’m very fond of eating scones and Mike & Ikes on adventure days. I enjoy sleeping under the stars, but I also don’t mind my cozy bed. What I know, though, is that when I find ways to fit adventure into my life, I’m a happier person. I feel connected to this world and to my friends and family in ways that only moving past my comfort zone creates. And I believe that all of us can benefit from adding more adventure to our lives.

I spent most of the last twenty years raising my family, and now that they are mostly grown, I am ready to shift my focus from being family minded to being adventure minded. This blog is about embracing this mind shift.

I have been dreaming about receiving adventure inspiration in my inbox for awhile now. I wanted to find a curated resource for discovering challenges and finding out about what others are up to in the adventure world, something that would get me fired up to find more ways to slip excitement and curiosity into my daily life. Most importantly, I wanted to find a resource that featured adventurers who I could relate to – a more diverse set of voices doing a wide variety of things that might inspire me. I couldn’t find anything that fit the bill, so I decided to start my own. I will do my best to bring diverse voices into the adventurer conversation, choosing to highlight stories and materials from creators who are from groups who haven’t traditionally occupied this space.  Thank you for being here!

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I can be reached via email: runnerteri at gmail dot com

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About The Author

About The Author

Teri Smith is a photographer, writer and adventure seeker in the Pacific Northwest. Learn more here.